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POST-SURGICAL LYMPHATIC MASSAGE, Post-Op Lymphatic Massage, Post-Op massage, Lymphatic massage after cosmetic surgery, clayton massage, massage after lipo bbl tt, scar minimization, pain management


Our hands only lymphatic drainage is a gentle type of massage which encourages the natural drainage of the lymph.  It reroutes lymph fluid for accelerated drainage, as opposed to the slow trickle of fluid after surgery.  MLD speeds the lymphatic system up to 10 times faster than the normal flow which rapidly reduces post surgical swelling.

A recent study by Doctors Casas and DePoli, related to the healing of post-op patients, revealed the following:  Groups that  received MLD as part of their post-op recovery experienced decreased swelling, decreased bruising, scar minimization, pain management and shortened recovery time.  "Typically, we see patients recover in 9-10 months post surgery.  With MLD, patients healed in under 3 months - significantly shortening the post-operative recovery process".

We do not use lasers, lights, vibration, heat, syringes or any hard rollers.  We only use the gentle Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage.  Many people actually fall asleep during their session.

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